Saturday, April 3, 2010

FOOD FRIDAY: R.W. Knudsen Just Pomegranate

This food friday is actually a beverage friday post, but there isn't a day that begins with "B" and we're working with what we have.  The bev comes from a fruit, which is a food, so there ya go!

This week I was introduced to the R.W. Knudsen Just Juice line, and I'm currently exploring the many possibilities these juices have. The Just Juice is a stand out product among other juices as it is, you guessed it, just juice from the fruit labeled (meaning, no white grape or apple juice "filler").  I picked up the pomegranate juice, as I am so fond of those seedy little guys, and have been experimenting with various combos and creative uses for a 100% fruit, unsweetened, juice.

The quality of the juice that stands out most, is that it is very concentrated as far as flavor is concerned.  It is essentially the Liberace to your Elton John, the Burgundy to your mauve, the Martha Stuart to your Susie Homemaker.  This juice, my friends, is very serious.  Therefore, my wimpy taste buds have requested I try a few pairings for this bold flavor.

My house mate added roughly a teaspoon to plain yogurt to liven it up. I think this was absolutely brilliant as many of the flavored yogurt cups pack a calorie load upwards of 200 kcals per serving.  The juice adds natural sweetness and flavor with out the empty calories.

It needs to be said that the juice itself is really quite good on its own, but has a distinct tartness that is a taste to acquire. I would love to post more on the topic, but my mac book is suddenly not supporting the internet for more than 30 seconds at a time-which is not so awesome. Perhaps I'll be buying a PC in the near future. I digress.

Any Just Juice drinkers out there? How do you drink your Just Juice? I'd love your input.