The CataLIST: A Catalyst to an Intentional Life

Stay in a water Bungalow in the Maldives while they are still around.

See the Northern Lights.

Learn to eat locally and sustainably to influence justice the food industry and distribution.

See the end of modern day slavery and Sex Trafficking.

Write out my love story and have it bound in a book for my husband.

Attend a Film Festival.

Have a Surprise Road Trip.

Attend a Music Festival.

Make LovelySplendid into

Take a Spa Vacation somewhere in the desert for a weekend.

Learn to Salsa Dance.

Buy a Digital SLR.

Celebrate my 50th Wedding Anniversary to Tyler.

Drive the 1 North to South.  Preferably in a convertible or a jeep.

Learn film editing/web coding. Maybe both.

Record some music.

Visit the Eiffel Tour at Night.

Visit and Linger in Montmartre.

Visit Washington D.C. and Mt. Vernon.

Go on a girls trip to Vegas.

Have a family and love them well.

Effectively surprise 10 people I love in a meaningful way.

Photograph 100 strangers.

Influence and help propel the Arts Scene in Boulder.

Work doing something that gives me life.

Live well within my means so that I can be generous to others.

Eliminate my debt, and commit to staying debt free.

Have a glass of Champagne in Champagne.
Visit Kenya, and make a friend there.

See a Lion or a Shark in real life and not die.

Swim with dolphins in the wild.  (Is this Legal?)

*List is subject to addendum and amendment at will.