Friday, October 9, 2009

I Always Fall for the Bad Ones

Act One: We enter in on a scene where Julia eyes a slice of cheese pizza in the break room.
  • Julia: Oh, you again.What did I say about coming to my office?
  • C. Pizza: You won't return my calls.
  • Julia: So you just lurk in our kitchen here? What're you trying to do here?
  • C.Pizza: I know we've had some not so great times.  I'm not going to pretend that whole thing with your skinny jeans didn't happen. It did. And you loved those jeans. But back in high school, we hung out all the time and there were no problems. I miss that.
  • Julia: Yeah, but things have changed. I need to try to fit in my clothes.
  • C.Pizza: Just one more chance, please?
  • Julia: I don't think it's a good idea. I'm just not sure.
  • C.Pizza: I have basil.  I know how much you love Basil. And red sauce, remember red sauce Jules?
  • Julia: You had me at cheesey.
Exercising after pizza always feels like (what I imagine) Catholic* confession does. Like, hi hello, oops. I did this thing...and I'm already sorry for it, but I just feel like this isn't quite going to cover me.  And the preist is all "Yeah, you're right. Do you know what the Bible says about mozzarella? Forget Hail Mary's, you are going to have to ride your bike 10 miles, and follow that up with hot yoga- for 6 hours! Get a-toning." (ah see what I did there?) 

(side note, I was baptized Catholic, and my favorite family members are Catholic, so I think I'm allowed to make these jokes- I'll check and get back to you).

Anyway, while we're heading to confession, why not have our Sunday best, no?  I have used the Lululemon Align Ultra Mat for about 2 years.  I love it.  It isn't your top of the line when it comes to mats, I hear that the Manduka is the best, but alas, I don't have an extra $100 dollars ever. Especially since I'm buying all this pizza.  The Align Mat is soft enough to cushion you, sturdy enough it won't stretch during a down dog, and it's kinda cute. But the lines, oh the lines!  They have these lines on the mat to help you square up your posture.  When the teacher says to make sure your feet are in alignment, you can.  This is nice for the joints, but I especially love it because I'm not getting touched and adjusted every five minutes.  I like when you fix my posture, but when you touch my lower back, my brain goes "Danger ZONE!" Sometimes, I just like to do it myself, Bikram, I hope you can understand.

And while we're buying awesome mats, why not carry them in Modern Union's cute, yet functional bag.  If we have to ride our bikes to class, we might as well look awesome.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to file a restraining order against the pizza delivery guy.  Pizza stalking me in my break room? That's just too far.

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