Friday, March 12, 2010

Clouds, Lists and Catalysts ( as well as a question for where you want to read this blog)

I have been exploring the Tumblr blogging platform this past week and have set up a  I love blogging, but I enjoy it doubly when I have comments from readers.  I am curious about where you'd most want to read this blog.  Here on blogspot or there on Tumblr?  Let me know in the comments section, because I'm most interested in staying connected with you people. Pretty blogs can come and go, but it's the people who stick around and read it that make it worth it!

Here is a blog post from the tumblr site:

I am a dreamer for sure. I am not about to deny that.  I'll also admit that sometimes my dreams are so wild and so out there that it isn't very likely that I can get started on them in a reasonable fashion. I am a head in the clouds kind of girl I guess.
I am also stubborn.  Stubborn and usually in overdrive.
Contrasting with my daydream-y, ice cream, fluffy perspectives, I have found that writing something down increases my chances of doing it. Let's go ahead and use the term tenfold in regards to my chances of follow through when I write it out on the internet.  Chalk it up to me caring what others think about me.  Chalk it up to the incredible powers of the internet.  Chalk it up with sidewalk chalk if you want.  I don't know why this is true, but it is and it works, so I'm going with it.
If you check out the My CataLIST link on the top of this blog you'll see my list of things I must do.  It's the catalyst to making my daydreams into memories and blog posts.  I want to see lovely things, do lovely things, meet lovely people.  I believe doing everything on that list will be a good use of my time and talents. Also, a splendid use of this blog space, don't you think?

This is a new direction (read:there is now an actual direction) for my blog, and consequently, for my free time.  I am going to try to do as many things on my list as I can and then I'm going to bring it here and tell you all about it. I want to eat, cook, travel, and live my life the best ways possible.  After all, I might have two blogs, but I only get one life.  Ah yes, that was deep.
Here is where I need your help: I want my list to be a bit longer than it is now, and I'm having a loss for ideas.  What should I do?  What have you done that you have loved and will never forget?  What crazy thing is just too crazy for you to do yourself, but you'd like to hear about someone else who's done it?  Fill the comment section with your list ideas folks. Ready? Go!

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